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Thread: Razorlab's 'simple' build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black E View Post
    What I found while running individual EGT sensors was that #2 was the hottest followed by #4 and then #1 and 3 were pretty even after that. So if you ever get your injectors flowed I would stick the highest flowing one in #1 and the 2nd highest flowing one in #4.
    @Black E the math doesnt add up. You mean highest flowing in #2 and 4?
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    ^^^ yes you are correct, I edited my post. Thx

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    Quote Originally Posted by razorlab View Post
    Also, once again I noticed the car no longer burns oil from the turbo when the dip stick is inbetween the dots. If it's higher then it smokes. *scratches head)
    This is pretty common as the sump level obstructs the turbo oil drain if you're at the top dot or higher. On all cars that no longer have PCV or have known oil burning turbos, we fill between the two dots.

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