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Thread: Streetable Aero for your X

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    Streetable Aero for your X

    As per the thread title I'm looking at adding some streetable aero modifications to benefit track use for time trial type events for street cars. Keeping it simple looking at a 4" front splitter, any effective rear wing ie: aeromotions / voltex type 5, maybe also build an aluminium flat floor & rear venturi if we really get keen. Aero really seems to be a real balancing act so was looking for some advice & actual experience on this for some pointers. I have trawled the net picking up lots of information but may have overloaded now & confused the crap out of myself. Ideas or internet links to helpful sites or articles would be hugely appreciated.

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    In theory, any aero should be streetable as long as the ride height isn't too low or the splitter isn't too massive. It sounds like you're on the right track with a 4 inch splitter. With 4 inches, it's unlikely you'll need a dual element wing. I would honestly do your underbody first (with splitter) then test things out on the stock wing. An aeromotions or AJ hartman wing would be a good wing choice and you'll end up running it at low-ish angle of attack on a 4 inch splitter, depending on if your rear diffuser is aggressive or not.
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