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  1. Seat decisions inside - yikes
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  3. What Did You Do To Your Evo Today
  4. Aerodynamics for Lancer Evolution X
  5. 2014 MR - Boltons + Tune - Before / After dyno
  6. Evo X Factory Service Manual
  7. Newbie or not so newbie mod guide
  8. P0012 - Can I still drive my car?
  9. Atlanta anyone?
  10. Cobra/Takata
  11. HELP ME find the Wtf fuel system install how-to.
  12. Varis Front Bumper feedback
  13. ARP Head Stud Requre
  14. Evo X MR ralliart rear diff issue
  15. CBRD Shipping Issues
  16. Going to start a meth habit I think....
  17. Door rattle TSB - TSB-09-42A-004
  18. Front mount cooler without crash beam?
  19. Official Evo X throwback thursday
  20. Which OEM gasket RTV for Timing Chain Cover?
  21. hard brake pedal, bad afr
  22. COBB photo shoot
  23. Request: Help identifying side skirt extensions
  24. TSB ETACS ECU (Europe)
  25. Hood latch cable
  26. Which injectors should I keep; which should I sell?
  27. Bucking when going around corners.
  28. Exhaust system recommendations for a NOOB to tune
  29. E85 and 91 and DD
  30. Weird noise - Passenger rear
  31. Lean at WOT issue
  32. Invidia N1 Racing Ti Tip Exhaust
  33. List of fluids
  34. Tephra's acd/ayc bleeding tool
  35. East Coast MoD
  36. Paint chip repair
  37. MN130495 vs 3200A102 (rear diff and trans vs tcase crush washer)
  38. Rear Diff oils
  39. Evo X FQ 400 videos
  40. Evo X Ugly Christmas Sweater
  41. I got the same oil leak.
  42. Car sho hizzie leaned on my hood and left a dent
  43. Rik84's Indecent Proposal
  44. canada to get the best Final edtion evo X
  45. evostanman a traitor?
  46. looking for vin number in 2008 evo x
  47. Realistic Power Goal
  48. Longitudinal center of gravity
  49. How to check sst codes
  50. Any recommended shops in GVA?
  51. Individual Cylinder leaning out.
  52. Long Block Recomendation
  53. Driver mods
  54. Good Places For Replacement Panels
  55. The DSG Performance Hot Spot Instagram Contest!
  56. The Consolidated "What exhaust should I buy?" Thread
  57. Let's get a list of "Noob threads" that we're missing.
  58. 91oct w/ 0 Ethanol or 93oct w/ 10% Ethanol
  59. Stupid Shit Ricers Say: Mitsubishi Lancer ES
  60. Yellow should be included in the Final edition and the 2015
  61. acd pump unresponsive
  62. Who's at SEMA ?
  63. Best Evo X Shops / Tuners
  64. Cartek Shift Light + Aeromotive Fuel Pump Controller = Radio Shack
  65. RECALL 2014 - 2015 Parking Brake + Gas Tank Insufficient Clearance Causing Abrasion
  66. Final Edition Serial Number 1 on Auction
  67. Rear diff leaking, WHt to do?Help!
  68. What's gone wrong with your evo today?
  69. Mitsubishi Evolution X - How The AWD System Works By Engineering Explained
  70. Rear diff bushings
  71. Maxjax
  72. How do you adjust front doors?
  73. Any graphic designers around here?
  74. Quickjack
  75. Impact gun recommendations?
  76. What did you score on Black Friday?
  77. Amargedon is coming
  78. Seat Thread
  79. Weak battery="ASC system service required" and "4wd system service required" lights?
  80. Whining sound
  81. Belt tensioner shim/plate under the pulley?
  82. MX1 with strange dimensions and markings
  83. Lookin' for love in all the wrong places
  84. RaceFab Custom Parts Group Buy Feeler
  85. Anyone just happen to have a Mitsu "Letter of Conformity" for EPA/DOT standards?
  86. The best family is Evo Family!
  87. exhaust gasket options...
  88. Autosport Labs - RaceCapture
  89. Merry Christmas Everyone
  90. Track Wings Thread
  91. Happy New Year
  92. GSC S2 Billet Cams are shipping
  93. Happy New Year 2016 to all...
  94. SPEED ACADEMY VIDEO OF CBRD and our products and projects!!
  95. Good idea or bad idea
  96. 1jz swap evo x
  97. Evo X Final Edition on Dyno
  98. Why so much pops and bangs?
  99. DF EVO X Air Oil Seperator and 3" Intake Install
  100. Amr coil overs
  101. Carlos Lago Lancer Evo MR Around The Figure Eight
  102. Are harness bars and harnesses really safe??
  103. Passing emissions catless
  104. Apr + Seibon = meh
  105. Part number or name request
  106. Tokyo Auto Salon 2016
  107. Odd clunking/rattling felt at slow speeds through break/clutch pedal
  108. In search of never seen/rare EVO X videos thread
  109. Synapse DV cracked.
  110. AEM wide band issue
  111. 2015 Tax Return Thread: What are you buying?
  112. New Boost Resource EVO X stock frame turbo blanket
  113. 2.5 Liter Ultrasonic Cleaner
  114. CBRD- more EFR work- and shop work-
  115. Cold weather warming up - Damaging engine - Interesting article -
  116. Why does the focus rs get to hoon but we don't?
  117. Another Evo X review
  118. Buying hardware
  119. PSA: Use a Reputable Powder Coating Company!!!!
  120. Phuck a truck, I need a evo tow package
  121. Do you even surge bro?
  122. No AYC
  123. Setrab Coolers
  124. Cheapest Aero mod ever
  125. "Best" fuel pressure gauge for rail?
  126. Car issues fast key
  127. Any opinions of the Perrin catch can?
  128. Transfer case and rear diff oil change
  129. New Battery Replacement Option
  130. Autometer DashControl
  131. Lancer vs Evo valve cover
  132. Race Ramps on a lowered X MR?
  133. Steering Bellows Clamp Inner
  134. Wheel Spacers
  135. Cars dead... Any ideas?
  136. US Final Edition
  137. CBRD EVO X tow hitch package
  138. VP fuel jug
  139. Damage to unpowered engine oil temperature and pressure sensors?
  140. ETACS Decoder Thread
  141. Electrical power source in rear of car
  142. Ecm/Etacs failure
  143. Canbus RPM converter
  144. Clutch Interlock Switch
  145. Evo Rally Vids - Group N in Lebanon
  146. accpetable flywheel runout spec
  147. CBRD- released EVO X HITCH/RECEIVER!!!
  148. What would you sell your evo for??
  149. What does this code mean ??
  150. 4wd system service on dash - no codes detected?
  151. OEM Fuel Pump Wiring needed ASAP
  152. 52mm gauge pod for Evo X?
  153. 5150 racing oil feed line for ATP GTX3576R
  154. Full Race ACD-PRo - Anyone with actual experience?
  155. Things to inspect or do to my X on a boring Saturday?
  156. Bad idle
  157. Functional Aero Thread
  158. How The AWD System Works
  159. Rear view Mirror is a bit loose
  160. Floor jacks thread.
  161. MR REAR LIP SPOILER install. What double sided tape?
  162. Vacuum line hose thread.
  163. OEM Oil Filter Alternatives?
  164. Bad batch of e85?
  165. Apparently the X can now average 30MPG.
  166. CBRD Open House this Saturday
  167. New Forum Member
  168. Mitsubishi vs Subaru this weekend
  169. Lightwieght drive shaft.....worth it?
  170. Evo X Steering Wheel Hub Extender
  171. Disappointed on MA Performance customer service
  172. Ralliart rear diff conversion
  173. Car jerks when moving slow
  174. Undertray Options?
  175. AYC/ACD Pump revised for 2015 Final Edition?
  176. Leaving Florida.
  177. injector install
  178. Opinions of the SSP under tray?
  179. PS pump noise
  180. Pump install 450
  181. Setting up synapse dv
  182. Can I use this?
  183. Omnipower 4 bar intermittent fault
  184. Flashing AYC setting ??
  185. Thinking about picking up 2nd Evo
  186. When changing gears must clutch be ALL THE WAY DOWN?!
  187. When to buy harbor freight tools
  188. compression test result
  189. Evo X RC Thread
  190. Cheap deal on an exhaust if you need one.
  191. Melted exhaust hanger
  192. Fog Lamp Bezel Screw fell out?
  193. Cross country transporter for my EVO
  194. Radium Eng. is apparently making us a pump hanger
  195. Corrosion protection: Plating external nuts, bolts, brackets.
  196. Tarmac light flashing
  197. Diamond Race Cars ChromolyTubular subframes W/manual rack option INTEREST thread
  198. Moved: Fuel pump voltage sensor/ RacecapturePro
  199. Mostly stock Evo running rough out of the blue
  200. How to explain the pops?
  201. Avatar
  202. Reetrofit Evo X headlight
  203. Confusing / Serious issues with Evo - Halp!
  204. What to do with parts for a sun roof?
  205. who has the best deals on shortblock cores?
  206. End of factory crate motors ?
  207. Removing stock cat
  208. flickering Hid.
  209. Selling My Evo X Gsr... any insight on the value?
  210. Happy Father's Day
  211. Evo Peeps
  212. Why I bought a Hyundai over an Evo?
  213. Headlight recall.
  214. Cobb Evo X air box kit.
  215. Aem failsafe 30-4900
  216. Omg these spambots!
  217. What year EVO should I buy?
  218. Suggest me the least riciest sounding catback for a T4 kit
  219. VA-ish People: On a Mission Meet for charity
  220. Overpriced?
  221. Evo X OEM Part #'s Thread
  222. Fire suppression recomendations
  223. What is this called?
  224. Potatoes and Pumpkins
  225. Not happy.....
  226. Bill's Englewood AL Driveshaft review/opinion
  227. AYC Pump is dead
  228. AYC issue
  229. ETACS inquiry
  230. Corvette ZR1 vs Built Evo X
  231. Manifolds - Stock turbo EVO X MR -
  232. Catch can
  233. Voodoo Magic Data Acquisition
  234. Battery recommendation?
  235. P0171 code
  236. Best Short Shifter?
  237. evoscan question
  238. Extreme tuners legit or fake?
  239. Outlander Sport power seat swap to 2015 EVO X???
  240. End of an Era
  241. arduino powered fuel pump controller
  242. Federal 595 RS-RR is now stateside
  243. Turbo Support Bracket Needed
  244. Winter Storage
  245. Damn CEL!
  246. acd c100
  247. P0016
  248. Testing coolant system
  249. Serpentine belt
  250. Step over stage 2 subaru guys, we just hit STAGE 4 BRO!